February 2016


New marker alert! The Winsor & Newton ProMarker is a newly released, double- ended marker with the ability to write on ink-resistant surfaces such as glass, plastic, and wood. The high-quality pigments create streak-free dimension in any of your illustrations and come in 148 different colors. What color did you get? 

Sakura Gelly Roll Classic White Gel Pen

This month, we’ve fallen in love with the science behind the Sakura Gelly Roll Classic White Gel Pen. Invented around the 1980’s in a labratory in Osaka, Japan, the gel pen is known for its even ink flow. Gel ink has a unique property called thixotropic action (pronounced thicks-o-tro-pick). Thixotropic means that when gel is distributed, it becomes thinner and easier to use. Where a ballpoint pens’ ink moves around in the barrel of a pen, gel ink stays put until used on a surface. Thixotropic action takes place when the gel pen starts moving across the surface, making the gel pens ink flow consistent for the life of the pen. Try out this pen on your Kraft Stonehenge Paper by Legion Paper. 

Kraft Stonehenge Paper by Legion Paper

Get ready for a super cool and unique paper: Kraft Stonehenge Paper by Legion Paper. Stonehendge paper is made of 100% cotton, right here in the United States. It gets the ‘kraft’ title from its high tear resistence and the smooth yellow-tan finish on each sheet. The best part about this paper? You can use it for everything from letterpress printing to pastel drawing. 

ZIG Posterman Medium Bullet Tip Marker

Step outside of your coloring comfort zone with the Zig Posterman Medium Bullet Tip Marker. Whether you’re creating Valentine’s Day cards or quick doodles in your sketchbook, this marker has the look and feel of chalk but without the mess of chalk dust. The bullet tip is perfect for creating details on a variety of surfaces. Shake the pen, and press down to get the ink flowing.