January 2016

via  xatrioxic

Kick off the new year with the perfect mechanical pencil! The Faber-Castell Poly Matic Mechanical Pencil guarantees a comfortable drawing, sketching, and note-taking experience. Its body holds 0.7mm lead and a twist-out eraser at the top of the pencil. You can’t miss the Poly Matic’s colorful textured body when searching for the right pencil–this one is a winner. 

Wink of Luna by ZIG

The Wink of Luna by ZIG has left us in awe at how innovative brush pens can be. Uniquely designed to resemble a cosmetic product, the Wink of Luna will make your artwork pop on any paper. You’ll fall in love with the metallic finish and soft nylon brush tip. To get the ink flowing properly, remove the safety ring from the middle of the pen, then recap. Shake the pen to loosen up the ink, then lightly squeeze the white part of the body. Ink will gradually flow through the flexible brush tip.  Please note: The Wink of Luna is NOT a cosmetic product and should not be applied to skin. (It looks so much better on paper anyways.) 

Le Pen Permanent by Marvy

Illustrators, designers, and doodlers UNITE! We’ve got an awesome new pen for your imaginative drawings! The Le Pen Permanent by Marvy is made for everything: from fine line work on finished drawings to writing on tough surfaces (think plastic and metal objects). This pen will work perfectly alongside the lines created by the Wink of Luna or the KRINK K-60. 


Developed by an alternative street artist in San Francisco, the KRINK K-60 holds pure paint pigments and a whole lot of attitude. Known as the world’s quickest growing art supply line, KRINK has become a global brand for emphasizing your style, no matter what kind of artist you are. The K-60 is KRINK’s best-selling marker, due to the iconic drip effect it creates when dragged across a vertical surface. This paint marker is capable of writing on multiple types of materials, rough or smooth, while still providing a thick paint flow.