March 2016


How many miles of pencil have you ground away over the years, trying to create a sharp point? All the way from Germany, the KUM Automatic Long Point Sharpener (pronounced “KOOM”) is here to fix that problem! Use the first sharpener to trim away the wood as needed, then use the second to hone the graphite to a fine point. Make your pencils last longer while still creating the sharp points that you need for detail work. 

Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencil

The Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencil features a firm point that gives you exceptional control. These professional- grade colored pencils are also great for layering. “Irojiten” is a Japanese expression that means “color dictionary”; full sets of these pencils are available from Tombow in elegant volumes. 

KOH-i-Noor Woodless Colored Pencil

Pick up your new KOH-i-Noor Woodless Colored Pencil and feel the weight in your hand. You’re holding a stick of pure color! Try experimenting with this one, coloring from the point or laying the edge against the page for a softer, wider application. 

Posca Paint Marker

Give the Posca Paint Marker a shake, press gently against the paper to start paint flow, and start laying down water-based paint with precision. We love the bold colors in this line and the level of control that the extra fine point provides. This marker can color over other paints, once they are dry. 

Liquitex Professional Paint Marker

It's time for an alternative kind of painting experience. The Liquitex Professional Paint Marker has a brilliant water-based color that dries permanently. This chubby marker is great for covering large-scale artwork, out- lining murals, and other mix media purposes. 

RENDR® Paper

Don’t hold back with that paint marker when trying out your RENDR® paper.It’s specially designed to handle wet media without bleeding through. But it’s also the perfect surface for your dry media – it loves your colored pencils as much as your markers! Now that you can draw and paint on both sides of the page, it’s like doubling the life of your sketchbook!