December 2015

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This month, you can easily bring your art supplies wherever you go with the ArtBin Sketch Pouch. You’ll find a swivel clip attached to one end of the pouch for latching on to portfolios, totes or backpacks. We were able to fit 21 pens comfortably into its durable poly canvas body, so pack your supplies accordingly! 

Pigma® Brush by Sakura

We love a sleek, reliable brush pen. The Pigma Brush by Sakura creates fine lines and broad strokes in every direction you take it. This brush is filled with high-quality archival ink, doesn’t smear when dry, and doesn’t leak through your sketchbook. We’ll be keeping this one in our ArtBin Sketch Pouch for good. 

General’s® Color-Tex® Colored Pencil

General’s® Color-Tex® Colored Pencils has a thin core packed with bold color pigment. It has a classic hexagonal body and a retro metal cap for a throwback feel. We’re excited about the beautiful legacy that this pencil holds, since the General Pencil Company is the oldest pencil manufacturer in the United States. 

Winsor & Newton Water Colour Sticks

Revolutionize your watercolor paintings with the Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Sticks. This innovative stick of pure pigments offers exceptional color performace, no matter which watercolor technique you use. Color your page with the dry stick, then use a little bit of water to transform your marks into the iconic watercolor texture. Voilà! 

Connoisseur Protégé Gold Nylon Brush

Here’s a professional-grade brush for your holiday paintings this month. Connoisseur Protégé Gold Nylon Brush is flexible enough to withstand acrylic, tempera, and watercolor paints. Its synthetic bristles are durable, stand up to solvents, and are easy to clean. Wet the end of your brush and gently push around the pigments from your Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Sticks. Tis’ the season for getting creative!