March 2015

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Wait, what is this? The Pro Art Chamois Cloth (pronounced sham-ee) is made of a soft pliable material and is used for smudging, blending, and shading. If you’re looking for a soft, blended look, lay your cloth on top of your charcoal or pastel marks, and gently rub in a circular motion. This cloth will work well with the Pentalic Soft Pastels. To clean the chamois, just shake it out and reuse it. 

Pentalic Soft Pastels

We love convenience, and when it comes to grabbing art supplies on the go, we reach for our Pentalic Soft Pastels. This petite four-pack of pastels is neatly packed in a small box, making it perfect for sketching on the go. Staying in one place? Grab your Pro Art Chamois Cloth and get a little messy. 

Conté Pierre Noir Sketching Pencil

There’s a new pencil in town, and its name is Pierre Noir. Conté's Pierre Noir Sketching Pencil has the darkest lead in the Conté pencil family and creates a matte finish. Its favorite surfaces are craft paper, linen, toned paper, and your sketchbook. Try your next portrait or landscape with the Pierre Noir, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Art & Graphic Twin by Zig

For our birthday, we wished for a unique kind of double-ended marker... then, we discovered the Art & Graphic Twin by Zig. One side of this marker has a brush-shaped rubber tip, making it super flexible on any surface. The opposite side has a thin felt tip for fine detail work. Wishes do come true! 


After all of your drawing sessions, you probably have a rainbow of colors layered in every crease of your hands. No sweat– we’ve provided you with the coolest little wet towel that will clean up the messiest of messes. The Aquatowel was developed by a former NASA engineer and is made up of mostly water–making it the perfect cleaning tool to have in your back pocket.