February 2015

via  eurekuh

via eurekuh

The Finest® Artists’ Watercolor Paint has rich pigments of color and is designed to ensure a fluid, even wash when mixed with a little bit of water. 

GRUMBACHER® Goldenedge® Watercolor Brush

The round shape of the Goldenedge® brush makes it perfect for small details and delicate lines, but also for broader strokes and washes. It’s made from high-quality synthetic sable hair, and has a brass ferrule to keep the handle and brush in place. 

GENERAL’S® Sketch & Wash® Pencil

Get the interesting and organic shapes you want with GENERAL’S® Sketch&Wash® Pencil. Practice your color washing technique by gently brushing water over your pencil lines to replicate dramatic gestural colors and shapes. When your pencil wash dries, you can easily erase any marks you don’t want. 

Kurecolor Fine & Brush for MANGA by Zig

Fall in love with the Kurecolor Fine & Brush for MANGA by Zig. Whether it’s for Manga illustrations, Valentine’s Day cards, or quick doodles in your sketchbook, this double-sided marker gives you a very pleasing drawing experience. The brush tip end has a super soft feel when it hits the paper. The fine tip end is extremely durable and built for the finishing touches to your work.