April 2015

Designed for easy transport and storage when you’re painting-on-the-go, the Pentel Medium Aquash Water Brush is one handy little brush. The brush tip is made of durable nylon so it will never lose its pointed shape. Its body is flat on 2 sides, ensuring that it won’t roll around when you put it down. Fill up the barrel with water (or ink) and give it a light squeeze to get the liquid flowing. Try this brush with the Pentalic Watercolor Pencils. 

Pentalic Watercolor Pencils

If you want to keep the mess to a minimum with watercolors, reach for the Pentalic Watercolor Pencils. We’ve supplied you with 2 different colors to experiment with layering, blending, and texturing. Gently sketch out a few shapes with the pencils, then brush over the colored areas with the Pentel Medium Aquash Water Brush to see the beauty of dried pigment and water soluble colors. 

ZIG Millennium Fine Point Pen 

The tip is a super-fine point, but will last through every stroke. The ZIG Millennium Fine Point Pen is made with acid-free, archival-quality, pure pigment color. Your artwork will last through the next millennium. 

Chartpak AD Marker

From highly-detailed architectural renderings to theraputic mixed media drawings, this marker means business.
The Chartpak AD Marker is a heavy-duty marker that’s great for outlining or coloring in large areas. Ever have a problem with your marker tips fraying from too much pressure or over use? The special cone shaped tip of this marker was designed to keep its shape perfectly intact. Don’t mess with this marker. 

Le Plume II Dual-Tipped Marker

Just when you think you’ve had enough watercolor tools, we give you one more. The Le Plume II Dual-Tipped Marker is water-based and made to stay wet longer than the average marker. The Le Plume II markers are recommended for brushing on rubber stamps, and any other mix media projects.