July 2016


QoR Watercolor by GOLDEN

If you’ve never tried GOLDEN paint, you are in for a treat! This prestigious brand is the leader in high-quality paints. The QoR Watercolor (pronounced 'core') line is made with a special binding agent that carries more pigment in each brushstroke. Notice how bright the color is as you apply it to the page? It’s going to stay exceptionally bright even after it dries. 

Elite Synthetic Kolinsky Sable Brush by Princeton Brush

The Elite Synthetic Kolinsky Sable Brush looks and performs like a traditional sable mink brush, but the strands on this one are synthetic. This soft-bristled brush was designed for use with watercolors and works perfectly with your QoR watercolor paint. 

The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver by General Pencil

When you’re done with a painting session, how do you clean your brush? You can get more life out of your brushes by using The Masters Brush Cleaner. Run your brush under water and then rub it gently into this soap cake until the soap lather is clear. You’ll be impressed by the way this cleaner restores even your old brushes. 

Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica Roller Ball Pen

The Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica Roller Ball Pen is special. It boasts a tungsten carbide (a metallic compound) roller tip that keeps your line consistent, and the pigmented archival ink is water-resistant and light-fast. You don’t have to recap the pen every time you put it down during a drawing session; it’s designed not to dry out if it’s left uncapped during use. 

YUPO Watercolor Paper by Legion Paper

We have never tried anything like YUPO Watercolor Paper. Watercolor artists everywhere are excited about the new possibilities of working on this non-porous, water-resistant polypropylene blend, which can be wiped clean after you’ve laid down paint. Be careful not to smudge your work as you go; your new paint will take several minutes to dry, and the ink from your new pen will take longer. Alcohol-based markers also work very well on this surface.