June 2016


We are proud to introduce the newest member of the ADTM Marker family: the Spectra. This alcohol-based marker was carefully designed to create a powerful, permanent mark and carry less odor. There are 4 different marks you can create using this 1 tool – thin, medium, and thick lines with the chisel tip, and a smooth line with the brush tip. You’re one of the first to get this product – it’s just hitting the stores now. 

Denik Custom Mini Sketchbook

Denik’s mission statement is, “Art can change the world.” This rad notebook company lives out their mission by putting artists’ work onto journal covers. A portion from every notebook purchase goes to help build schools in developing countries. This month, we collaborated with Denik’s team and San Francisco-based artist Ryan Putnam to create a Denik Custom Mini Sketchbook, just for our subscribers. 

Caran d’Ache Fibralo Brush Marker

Swiss art company Caran d’Ache just introduced its new Fibralo Brush Marker this spring. The resilient fiber tip offers the control of a marker and the flexibility of a brush. Try adding a little water to the ink to develop a watercolor wash effect, or work dry to create a traditional marker line. The specially formulated ink is designed not to bleed through paper. 

Kuretake No. 7 Brush Pen

It just takes a few steps to get your Kuretake No. 7 Brush Pen up and running. Unscrew the pen barrel and insert the wide end of one ink cartridge until you feel it click into place. Store the other cartridge in the barrel of the pen. Once the ink has flowed down into the tip, you’ll be impressed with the range of options that this tool gives you, from sketching to coloring to calligraphy. 

General’s® Layout® Pencil

Since the 1930’s, animators have been using General’s® Layout® Pencil to create quick sketches of cartoons and storyboards. The graphite core is soft enough to deliver super dark marks. You’ll achieve a beautiful dark-to-light gradation on any bright surface.