May 2016


KRINK has done it again. Headquartered in New York City, KRINK has developed a unique new paint marker with a “pump-action” end and a steel roller-ball tip. The KRINK K-90 Paint Marker is the first of its kind, so get creative! To use, gently pump the rubber end of the marker once to propel the paint into the tip of the marker. Press down lightly and start to draw. The roller-ball tip will release paint onto your surface. DO NOT OVER-PUMP MARKER. 

General’s® Cedar PointeTM Graphite Pencil – No.1 Extra Soft

Looking for an excellent, soft graphite pencil with a reliable eraser? We found it for you! General’s® Cedar PointeTM Graphite Pencil is made with genuine cedar and a buttery graphite core. It delivers an incredibly smooth drawing experience, and has a cedar wood casing for a comfortable grip. Manufacturing pencils since 1889, General Pencil is the only pencil factory still operating in the United States – so every detail was considered when making this pencil. 

Kuretake Brush2o Long

Designed for easy transport and storage when you’re painting-on-the-go, the Kuretake Brush2o Long is one handy brush. Kuretake redesigned it to hold 25% more water. The nylon tip is very durable, and will never lose its shape. Fill up the barrel with water or ink and give it a light squeeze to get the liquid flowing. 

FW Neon Acrylic Ink by Daler-Rowney

FW Neon Acrylic Ink by Daler-Rowney is a special acrylic-based ink that’s highly pigmented for creating multiple color layers on top of your art. Dilute the ink with water to get a high-intensity watercolor effect, or use a dry brush to create a textured stroke. Let your imagination run wild when you fill your Kuretake Brush2o Long with this acrylic ink.