May 2015

via  awwdehh

via awwdehh

Resembling a Japanese-style ink washing brush, the Kuretake Bimoji Felt Tip Pen has deep black ink and a flexible tip, giving it unique writing and drawing qualities. Imported all the way from Japan, this pen has a sleek plastic body and a black rubber grip–important for mastering a delicate pen stroke. 

Clean Color f Marker by ZIG

This month, we’re featuring an exclusive and new product: the Clean Color f Marker by ZIG. Just like its siblings in the ZIG marker family, it delivers a super bright line that’s great for illustrating and cartooning. There’s two different widths on this marker, a short bullet tip and a thin, fine tip. The marker is filled with a water-based dye that makes it perfect for blending with water. 

Baggu 3D Zip

You’ve got all these art supplies but nowhere to keep them all together–until now. The Baggu 3D Zip is the perfect pouch for all of your ArtSnacks items. In fact, we were able to stuff 52 pens and pencils into its 3D body. And if your pencils start to rub in the interior lining, no sweat: the bag is machine washable. 

MONO Zero Black Rectangle Eraser by Tombow

The MONO Zero Black Rectangle Eraser by Tombow has a sweet pen-style grip that feels great in your hand while using it. Thanks to its rectangular shape, it won’t bend or flop around while you are trying to get rid of those unwanted marks. This eraser is great for perfecting your subtractive drawing techniques. Check out the TombowUSA YouTube channel to see an example of subtractive drawing:

Palomino Blue Graphite HB Drawing Pencil

Simplicity at its finest. The Palomino Blue Graphite HB Drawing Pencil is made from genuine incense cedar, which allows it to withstand repeated sharpening without splintering. This petite blue pencil only comes in an HB grading (an equal hardness and blackness), and works perfectly with the Mono Zero Black Rectangle Eraser by Tombow.