August 2017

image via  artbytinadh

image via artbytinadh

Amsterdam Acrylic Ink

Summer may be winding down, but Amsterdam Acrylic Ink will keep your days bright all year round! This highly pigmented ink is extremely versatile – it can be thickly applied like acrylic paint, or diluted with water to achieve watercolor effects. Shake well before using, then feel free to work directly out of the bottle with your brush, or use the convenient ink dropper. Layering is effortless with this fast-drying ink, so get creative and explore some new techniques!

Princeton Velvetouch Long Round Brush, Size 8

Paint in the lap of luxury with the Princeton Velvetouch Long Round Brush. It's silky, soft-finish wood handle complements the excellent performance of its synthetic fibers. Seven years of research and development went into creating these filaments meant to outperform natural hair. This brush is the ultimate mixed media tool and can be used with various mediums. Go ahead and try it out with your Amsterdam Acrylic Ink!

ZIG Cocoiro Letter Pen Body + Ink

Customize the way you draw with the ZIG Cocoiro Letter Pen. Derived from the Japanese words “ kokoro,” meaning “heart,” and “iro,” meaning “color,” this pen was made for you to choose each part separately to match your mood. From the pen body’s color to the nib style, mix and match a variety of features to express your unique creativity. This month, we’ve included an extra fine brush tip refill for your new pen body – perfect for all your inking needs.

Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment Fibre-Tip Pen

Whether you’re sketching or writing, you’ll reach for the Faber- Castell Ecco Pigment Fibre-Tip Pen over and over again. This reliable fine liner pen features a sturdy, metal-clad 0.7mm nib and a comfortable grip. Made from unused automobile plastic, this pen is highly recyclable. Since its pigmented ink is lightfast and waterproof, you can lay ink or watercolor on top of your sketched lines carefree!