July 2017

image via  bybun

image via bybun

Pentel Duopoint Flex Double-Ended Brush

Flex your creative muscles with the Pentel Duopoint Flex Double- Ended Brush. This handy pen is actually two brushes in one, featuring a unique, springy brush tip on one end, and an ultra-fine, flexible nib on the other. It's water-based ink dries quickly and can produce transparent watercolor effects. The versatility of this brush pen makes it perfect for beginning artists.

Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle Pencils

Make a splash in your artwork with Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle Pencils. These 100% water-soluble pencils remain extremely vibrant dry or wet, thanks to their high pigment density and lightfastness. When brushed with water, the pencil marks melt onto your paper and intensify in color. The soft, buttery pigments are super blendable, so experiment with your two new colors to create different hues and patterns.

Derwent HB Graphic Drawing Pencil

A successful sketch starts with a good graphite pencil. The HB Graphic Drawing Pencil from Derwent is smooth and strong to the core, which means you’ll experience fewer broken points. Its hexagonal body is easy to hold, making it the ideal choice for long working sessions.

Derwent 2-in-1 Eraser/Sharpener

We’re flipping over the Derwent 2-in-1 Eraser/Sharpener. This dynamic duo features a pencil sharpener with a rotating barrel for collecting shavings and an eraser that offers clean and smudge-free erasing. The sharpener separates easily from the canister to empty pencil shavings, and the eraser comes with a protective cover.Talk about convenience!