February 2017

Pentalic Drawing Set

ArtSnacks subscribers get to try the new Pentalic Drawing Set before anyone else! While many sets on the market only include one medium, this set of six pencils features a mix of graphite, charcoal, and pastel. Using only this set, you can build from underdraw- ing to midtones to shadows to highlights. From the smooth feel of the soft charcoal pencil to the rich darks of the 6B, this set is the total package. 

K-70 Permanent Ink Marker by KRINK

KRINK’s K-70 Permanent Ink Marker is better than ever! In this upgraded version of the marker, not only is ink flow smoother and cleaner, but the tip is now reversible. Just remove and flip it to switch from a bullet to a chisel design, and see the variety of fine and heavy lines that this versatile tool can create. 

ZIG Clean Color FB

Similar to the KRINK marker in this month’s box, the ZIG Clean Color FB is a fresh take on a favorite tool. This marker – a new product in the Clean Color family – features the same highly blend-able, water-soluble ink as the Clean Color Real Brush, but it has a new, firmer fiber brush nib (“FB” for short). Try using a watercolor brush to wash and blend this ink on the page to achieve a softer effect. 

Stabilo Pen 68

Another pop of color in your box this month comes from the Stabilo Pen 68. The shape of this pen is similar to your everyday pencil, giving you a comfortable drawing experience.

The premium fiber bullet-tip on the Pen 68 holds odorless, water-based ink and will create a perfectly even ink application on smooth surfaces.