January 2017

Art & Graphic Twin RB+F by ZIG

ZIG has re-mastered their most notable double-ended marker into a totally new one that hasn’t hit stores yet: introducing the Art & Graphic Twin RB+F by Zig! The “RB” stands for “real brush,” because one side of this marker has an actual brush tip. The opposite side has a thin 0.8mm felt tip, or “F” for short. The ink in this marker is water-based, so you can dip the brush tip end into water to achieve a greater watercolor effect.

GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic Paints

This prestigious brand is the leader in high-quality paints. We’ve packed your box with 2 bold colors for a colorful GOLDEN experience. The GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic Paints act like ink when wet, but dry like acrylic paint–making them fluid enough to be used with dip pens, brushes, or empty pump markers. Once dry, High Flow paint will not bleed or reactivate with water. The High Flow line has 49 colors and is compatible with many of GOLDEN’s gels and mediums. Please note: Before using these paints, unscrew the cap and pull off the protective white seal.

Koh-I-Noor Magnum Black Star Pencil

Kick off the New Year with the soft and smooth Koh-I-Noor Magnum Black Star Pencil. Produced in the Czech Republic, this oversized pencil adds some darker tones to your sketches and illustrations. If you’re looking to tune up your shading technique, we recommend practicing with this comfortable, fat-bodied pencil.

Snap! Series Paintbrushes by Princeton Brush

Oh SNAP! (We could say that all day.) We’re excited to have the SNAP! Series Paintbrushes by Princeton Brush in this month’s box. This versatile brush comes in an assortment of sizes and shapes, including round, fan, flat shader, and bright shader. The synthetic hair tip will guide your paint evenly. To clean, use mild soap and water, then reshape the bristles into place. Afterwards, stand it upright on the handle to dry.