July 2015

Originating from Australia, Ironlak is a street-style art supply brand with premium acrylic paints and aerosols for the graffiti- inspired artist. The Ironlak Pump Action Marker is one of our favorites. To start the flow of paint, gently press down on the nib of the marker a few times, and watch the paint flow. The paint is quick drying, yet water soluble, so you can push the paint further with a wet brush. 

Aristo DK2 Mechanical Pencil

Aristo is an Austrian brand specializing in high-quality drafting supplies. United States-based ArtSnacks subscribers get to enjoy this imported pencil for the first time in America! The Aristo DK2 Mechanical Pencil is pre-filled with 0.5 mm lead and capped with a sturdy white removable eraser. Disguised as a simple mechanical pencil, this tool brings ease to drawing, sketching, and quick note-taking. 

Touch Twin Brush Marker

The Touch Twin Brush Marker features a flexible brush nib on one end and a medium-wide chisel nib on the other, allowing you to explore a wider range of drawing techniques. The well-designed rectangular body resists rolling on your work space and has a safety cap that stacks elegantly, while preventing damage to the colored nibs. 

Marino Watercolor Pencil by Cretacolor

Introducing the Marino Watercolor Pencil by Cretacolor. Whether you’re mixing playful line-work with water and a paint brush or practicing layered cross-hatching in your sketchbook, you’ll get brilliant color with every stroke. There are 36 colors in the Marino family–so what color did you get?