October 2015

via  117design

This is not a trick, but it’s definitely a treat! Higgins Black Magic Ink writes clean without fading for the best ink experience with dip pens, regular brushes, or air brushes. The high-quality black ink is intensely opaque, and dries fast to a matte finish. Its signature bottle shape will stay grounded so you won’t have any “magical messes.” If you happen to get some on your hands, just use soap and water to wash it off. 

Caran d’Ache Black Wood Pencil

Caran d’Ache Black Wood Pencil gets its black-colored body by being infused with black ink during the manufactur- ing process. It’s finished with a matte coat so your hands stay clean with a good strong grip. This pencil is filled with HB graphite that creates a mark that’s thicker mark than the average #2 pencil. 

Cretacolor Artist Studio Line Colored Pencils

The pop of color in this month’s box is the Cretacolor Artist Studio Line Colored Pencils. Made in Austria, these colored pencils have soft, richly pigmented leads with a buttery feel to produce bold, vibrant color tones. Use these colored pencils to draw on top of other dark-ink art supplies. 

Pigma Professional Brush Pen by Sakura

Never used a brush pen before? The Pigma Professional Brush Pen by Sakura is about to change that. These pens are filled with top-rated waterproof, bleedproof, archival inks. For beginner and advanced levels, this brush pen will deliver a beautiful and expressive line every time. The Pigma Professional Brush Pen only comes in three sizes: fine brush (FB), medium brush (MB), and bold brush (BB). Which size did you get? 

Connoisseur Bamboo Watercolor Brush

Here’s a unique brush that will add some fun to your #ArtSnacksChallenge. The Connoisseur Round Bamboo Watercolor Brush has a naturally round bamboo handle that is light and easy to hold while practicing the ink-wash technique. Pair your Higgins Black Magic Ink with this brush to create a dark and edgy line.