June 2014

via  d_ranged

Developed by an alternative street artist in San Francisco, the K-42 Paint Marker by KRINK holds pure paint pigments and a whole lot of attitude. Known as the world’s fastest growing art supply line, KRINK has become a global brand for emphasizing your style, no matter what kind of artist you are. This marker is capable of writing on multiple types of surfaces while still providing a fine point. So, go ahead and show us your artistic skill on anything. 


On the topic of paint markers, the MOLOTOWTM ONE4ALL is also included in our June Box. The FlowmasterTM, a piece of technology inside the marker, allows the paint to be pumped through a valve so it flows out through the nib of the marker. To start the flow of paint, gently press down on the nib of the marker a few times, then watch it go! These fun markers are refillable, and the nibs are interchangeable from cheisel tip to bullet tip. 


Introducing Wolff’s Carbon Pencils, a unique combination of charcoal and graphite. They have a smooth, flowing feel; When you’re drawing your still-life composition, they can go from barely- there texture to very bold in a simple move. Our favorites include the 4B & 6B. 


Looking for a new detailing ink pen with a high quality mark? The Copic Multiliner is the pen for the job. This pen has pigment- based ink, and is great for fine art, design, comics, collage, writing and doodling. We love using this pen to make autostereogram doodles: a technique that creates an optical illusion, making objects appear as if they’re in 3-D.