July 2019

Sakura Pigma Graphic Pen, 1mm Bullet Nib

Make a big and bold statement with the Sakura Pigma Graphic Pen! Its larger felt tip makes this pen ideal for shading, texturing, or filling in large areas. The patented micro pigment ink delivers waterproof and fade resistant lines, so you can pair it with your new watercolors carefree.

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors

New to ArtSnacks Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors are pretty extraordinary! Handmade in Seattle, every batch is tested for high-quality performance. They’re extremely pigmented and finely ground, featuring superior lightfastness and clear, clean washes even when colors are layered. Daniel Smith offers the widest color range of professional watercolors, so we’ve packed your box with two different hues this month!

General’s Sketch & Wash Pencil

Let creativity wash over you! With the General’s Sketch & Wash Pencil, the possibilities are endless. Create dramatic washes of gray and black using this water-soluble, soft black graphite pencil with a brush and some water. Or, draw directly on wet paper to darken lines and details.

Princeton Aqua Elite Series 4850 Synthetic Kolinsky Sable Brush, Round Size 8

Staff Favorite Dive into watercolor painting with the Aqua Elite brush from Princeton. This brush features synthetic bristles indistinguishable from natural Kolinsky hair in appearance, performance, and durability. Made for watercolor, it has maximum color-holding capacity and excellent shape retention. You’ll enjoy how easy it is to deliver controlled strokes with this brush’s comfy, lightweight handle