July 2018

image via  @moolabell

image via @moolabell

Marabu Graphix Aqua Ink

Marabu has a new addition to their exciting Graphix line – Aqua Ink! This ultra-brilliant pigmented watercolor ink is transparent and highly lightfast. Even after drying, the ink can be completely dissolved with water, making the creative possibilities endless. The bright hues can be mixed together, so pick up some more colors in the ArtSnacks Shop and get experimenting!

Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin Marker

Two sturdy tips, one awesome marker. The Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin Marker is filled with highly opaque, acrylic-based ink that flows from two different tips – 1.5mm on one end, and 4mm on the other. UV resistant and permanent on nearly all surfaces, this marker will be handy for a variety of projects. To begin paint flow, give the marker a good shake, then gently press down the nib several times on your art surface.

Copic Drawing Pen F02

Get the feeling of a traditional fountain pen without the inky mess! The Copic Drawing Pen features a stainless-steel tip, perfect for inking and drawing. Achieve a variety of line widths by simply changing your writing pressure. The water-based dye ink won’t bleed when used with Copic products or other markers, however it’s not waterproof – be sure to let ink or watercolor dry completely before using this pen over it.

Museum® Emerald Artist Brush by Weber®

The Museum® Emerald Artist Brush by Weber® is truly a gem! Its exclusive, patented handle lets your fingers rest gently in the indentations to relieve fatigue and maximize performance. The durable, synthetic taklon bristles provide ultimate control and can withstand extensive use in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. It’s suitable for various applications and techniques, so try it out with your new Marabu Graphix Aqua Ink!

Grumbacher Watercolor Paper Sample Pad

 This month, we’ve included a sample pad of Grumbacher Watercolor Paper for you to try out your new supplies. This 140 lb. (300 GSM) cold press paper is excellent for wet media, such as ink and watercolor.