November 2018

image via  ruthietherobot  

image via ruthietherobot 

Liquitex Acrylic Gouache

This fall, Liquitex is introducing “new paint for a new artist”: acrylic gouache! Say goodbye to visible brushstrokes and cracks – this ultra- pigmented paint has a solid matte finish that doesn’t reflect light. With excellent fluidity and application, there’s no need to dilute this gouache with water. Thanks to its acrylic base, it’s permanent and water-resistant when dry and cannot be reactivated with water. Pair this paint with your new Winsor & Newton brush and be amazed at its smooth performance, perfect for design, illustration, and fine art.

Winsor & Newton Galeria Short Handle Brush, Round Size 3
Specifically designed for use with acrylic paints, the Winsor & Newton Galeria Short Handle Brush features a unique blend of synthetic filaments developed to provide control and shape retention. Acrylic color places heavy demands on brushes, which is why Winsor & Newton made the Galeria strong and resilient, yet flexible and sensitive. This short-handled version is ideal for close-up work and fine details.

Sakura Microperm Pen

The Sakura Microperm Pen works like magic! From paper to diamonds, this pen writes on almost every surface imaginable. Its black ink is waterproof and permanent, perfect for making precise, long-lasting fine lines. The nib also has a protected tip, so you don’t have to worry about splitting.

Cretacolor MegaGraphite Pencil
This pencil deserves full marks! With an exceptionally strong jumbo (10mm diameter) body, the Cretacolor MegaGraphite Pencil makes a huge statement. It’s loaded with high-quality graphite formulated to be extra-smooth and easily blended. The traditional hard cedar wood casing can be sharpened to a clean, fine point, ideal for thin lines as well as covering large areas. This pencil is available in a variety of grades – which one did you get?