November 2017

image via  binals_

image via binals_

Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker, 1mm

For their 20th anniversary, Molotow has introduced the festive Liquid Chrome Marker – a celebration in a pen! With this unique marker, create high-gloss, mirror effects on nonporous paper, or metallic effects on regular, absorbent paper. The alcohol-based ink is highly opaque and permanent, which makes it perfect for adding shimmering, final touches to your work. This pen is also refillable, so don’t worry about using it too much!

Amsterdam Titanium White Acrylic Marker, 2mm

We always appreciate a valuable blending tool. The Amsterdam Titanium White Acrylic Marker lets you work quickly and directly on a variety of surfaces. It features water-based, pigmented white ink that can perfectly blend your two new Tombow TwinTone Markers together.

Caran d’Ache Grafwood Pencil

With the comfortable Caran d’Ache Grafwood Pencil, sketching has never been more enjoyable. Featuring a creamy, softcore and hexagonal body, no wonder this is the most premium graphite pencil offered by Caran d’Ache! This tool comes in a variety of grades, and its varnish color represents the hardness and depth of the graphite – which one did you get?

Tombow TwinTone Dual-Tip Markers

Double your creativity this month with two Tombow TwinTone Dual-Tip Markers. These water-based markers have durable fiber tips on both ends – a broad bullet tip, and an extra-fine tip. Their ink is saturated with color that pops on your page and can also be blended out using water. Clip these charming markers onto your sketchbook cover for spontaneous doodling or lettering!

YUPO Medium Mini Paper Pad by Legion Paper

Paper has never been more exciting! Dramatically change the way you draw or paint with YUPO Medium Paper. This synthetic, tree-free paper is non-absorbent and water-proof, making the creative possibilities endless. Build up layers easily on the smooth surface, but
be careful not to smudge your work as you go–markers and paint will take several minutes to dry.