March 2013


This matte black finish pencil, makes a soft, dark line great for sketching. The  Palomino Blackwing is the modern version of the Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602, which was said to be “the best pencil ever.” Chuck Jones, Oscar-winning animation director, used this pencil for creating shows like Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry.

Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Markers, 12 Colored Markers (1810704)

Artists always have a reliable Sharpie in their back pocket. Trust us – this will be your new favorite Sharpie. By adding pressure with your hand, you can control of the width of your lines, making them more intricate.

Spangle Green Mini-Jumbo Triangular Learning Pencils

For those of you who tend to lose things, say hello to the Spangle Mini Jumbo Size Learning Pencil. Made of basswood with a triangular shape, it will never fall off the table. We have a feeling this will be your next go-to pencil, since it will always be in the same place you left it.

Reeves Gouache Artist Paints - 12ml Tubes

Gouache paint is the opaque version of watercolor paint. Reeves Gouache Artist  Paints have high-quality pigments that create a consistent matte finish on a variety of surfaces. These are great for bringing ink illustrations to life with vibrant color.

Solo Horton Camel Hair Watercolor Brush, size 2

With great gouache, you’ll need another reliable tool: a Solo Horton 2108 Professional Quality watercolor brush. This brush is short in size, but has a soft-haired tuft for fine strokes. The round brush shape is ideal for a watercolor artist to master the challange of staining and layering the paint.