ArtSnacks is a subscription box of unique, high-quality art supplies, with a mission to inspire people through the discovery of amazing art materials.

Every month, subscribers discover new products, limited-edition tools, exclusive supplies, and useful techniques through our service. Subscribers are encouraged to create an original work of art using only the supplies in their monthly box, and share it with the rest of the ArtSnacks Community – we call this the #ArtSnacksChallenge.



1. Sign Up

Your box will include 4-5 full size premium art products as well as a “Menu” describing each product, best practices, and new techniques to try.

2. Get Your ‘Snacks

Time to play with your new art stuff! We’ve tested all the art supplies beforehand, so they’re curated to work perfectly together.

3. Take the #ArtSnacksChallenge

Use only the supplies in your box to create an original piece of art. Take a photo and post it to your social channels with #ArtSnacksChallenge!

What our customers are Saying

I am really pleased with the materials and also the lovely exclusive pencil bag. This is an awesome way to try products that I normally wouldn’t try. Thanks!
— Steven S.
I love getting art supplies in the mail. Especially products I wouldn’t normally think to buy. Once I purchased my box it came to me really quickly. Your customer service specialist is awesome totally took care of me. You guys are great!
— Jessica W.
I absolutely love it. All products in this months box are useful, and combined they work well together. I like the mixture of wet and dry options. Art on!
— Art Suitcase


plans start at $24 per month with free US shipping