September 1st, 2016

Dear Artsnackers,

For over three years, we have been working hard to inspire you through the discovery of amazing art materials. Thank you for believing in us to deliver such a unique experience, and for continuing to share your artistic creations. Your support means the world to us and we’ve been endlessly inspired.

Today, in order to continue to operate at the high level you deserve, we’ll be raising  our prices across all new subscription plans. No doubt–this was a hard decision. With operation and shipping prices increasing, this decision was made to ensure that we can continue delivering a top-notch service with remarkable products for the long term.

If you’re currently a member of ArtSnacks, your existing subscription price will NOT change. As an ArtSnacks supporter from the start, you will be grandfathered into your current plan and price, and your subscription and billing will continue as usual. Even if your ArtSnacks account is currently paused, when you’re ready to come back, you’ll be restarted on your original plan.

We’ve been working closely with our favorite brands and product partners to bring more ArtSnacks Exclusives, Limited Edition, and “First Look” products for our monthly subscription boxes that you’ve come to love. In fact, you’ve seen some of them already: the Mini ArtSnacks + Denik Sketchbook in the June Box and the Robert Simmons Short Handle Acrylic Paintbrush in the August Box. Just wait and  see what’s in the September Box! 

Thank you again for trusting us to deliver inspiration to your mailbox each and every month—we’ve loved being there to help with your creations. If you have any questions, please email us at


Lee & Sarah

Co-founders of ArtSnacks