January 2016

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Faber-Castell Poly Matic Mechanical Pencil

Kick off the new year with the perfect mechanical pencil! The Faber-Castell Poly Matic Mechanical Pencil guarantees a comfortable drawing, sketching, and note-taking experience. Its body holds 0.7mm lead and a twist-out eraser at the top of the pencil. You can’t miss the Poly Matic’s colorful textured body when searching for the right pencil–this one is a winner. 

Wink of Luna by ZIG

The Wink of Luna by ZIG has left us in awe at how innovative brush pens can be. Uniquely designed to resemble a cosmetic product, the Wink of Luna will make your artwork pop on any paper. You’ll fall in love with the metallic finish and soft nylon brush tip. To get the ink flowing properly, remove the safety ring from the middle of the pen, then recap. Shake the pen to loosen up the ink, then lightly squeeze the white part of the body. Ink will gradually flow through the flexible brush tip.  Please note: The Wink of Luna is NOT a cosmetic product and should not be applied to skin. (It looks so much better on paper anyways.) 

Le Pen Permanent by Marvy

Illustrators, designers, and doodlers UNITE! We’ve got an awesome new pen for your imaginative drawings! The Le Pen Permanent by Marvy is made for everything: from fine line work on finished drawings to writing on tough surfaces (think plastic and metal objects). This pen will work perfectly alongside the lines created by the Wink of Luna or the KRINK K-60. 


Developed by an alternative street artist in San Francisco, the KRINK K-60 holds pure paint pigments and a whole lot of attitude. Known as the world’s quickest growing art supply line, KRINK has become a global brand for emphasizing your style, no matter what kind of artist you are. The K-60 is KRINK’s best-selling marker, due to the iconic drip effect it creates when dragged across a vertical surface. This paint marker is capable of writing on multiple types of materials, rough or smooth, while still providing a thick paint flow. 

December 2015

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ArtBin Sketch Pouch

This month, you can easily bring your art supplies wherever you go with the ArtBin Sketch Pouch. You’ll find a swivel clip attached to one end of the pouch for latching on to portfolios, totes or backpacks. We were able to fit 21 pens comfortably into its durable poly canvas body, so pack your supplies accordingly! 

Pigma® Brush by Sakura

We love a sleek, reliable brush pen. The Pigma Brush by Sakura creates fine lines and broad strokes in every direction you take it. This brush is filled with high-quality archival ink, doesn’t smear when dry, and doesn’t leak through your sketchbook. We’ll be keeping this one in our ArtBin Sketch Pouch for good. 

General’s® Color-Tex® Colored Pencil

General’s® Color-Tex® Colored Pencils has a thin core packed with bold color pigment. It has a classic hexagonal body and a retro metal cap for a throwback feel. We’re excited about the beautiful legacy that this pencil holds, since the General Pencil Company is the oldest pencil manufacturer in the United States. 

Winsor & Newton Water Colour Sticks

Revolutionize your watercolor paintings with the Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Sticks. This innovative stick of pure pigments offers exceptional color performace, no matter which watercolor technique you use. Color your page with the dry stick, then use a little bit of water to transform your marks into the iconic watercolor texture. Voilà! 

Connoisseur Protégé Gold Nylon Brush

Here’s a professional-grade brush for your holiday paintings this month. Connoisseur Protégé Gold Nylon Brush is flexible enough to withstand acrylic, tempera, and watercolor paints. Its synthetic bristles are durable, stand up to solvents, and are easy to clean. Wet the end of your brush and gently push around the pigments from your Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Sticks. Tis’ the season for getting creative! 

November 2015

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Blackwing Vol. 725 Pencil by Palomino

With the same velvety drawing texture as their traditional Blackwing Pencils, Palomino has created the Blackwing Vol. 725: a limited edition pencil that serves as a tribute to music. What makes this pencil different from the rest of the Blackwing family is the more balanced lead, helping to deliver a soft, dark line. The body of the pencil reflects the sunburst colors of on a Fender Stratocaster guitar, the first electric guitar used on stage at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival–and whose debut on July 25th gives the pencil its name. 

Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen

The Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen (pronounced foo-deh-goh-koh-chee) will be sure to inspire your next creation. If you’re not used to a firm felt-tipped brush pen, this is a great pen to practice with. It has a small nib for better control and less mess when you start sketching. Move the pen slowly across your page for the best ink flow. What makes this Kuretake brush pen limited edition is the colorful body style, which, up until now, has only been available in Japan. 

Prima-Flo® Acrylics from Weber®

We’ve discovered a beautiful acrylic paint with incredible fluidity. The Prima-Flo® Acrylics from Weber® are highly pigmented and will not dilute when added to other paint mediums. From detail work on mixed-media pieces to a fresh coat of color on your canvases, Prima-Flo Acrylics stand up to the most challenging projects. 

Liquitex Freestyle Paddle Brush

Whether you’re painting a mural or covering a canvas with gesso, the Liquitex Freestyle Paddle Brush will push your paint around with ease. Designed for medium to large scale projects, this brush has a comfortable handle and thick synthetic bristles. The Liquitex Freestyle Paddle Brush comes in a variety of sizes so you can cover all of your surfaces efficiently. 

October 2015

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Higgins Black Magic Ink

This is not a trick, but it’s definitely a treat! Higgins Black Magic Ink writes clean without fading for the best ink experience with dip pens, regular brushes, or air brushes. The high-quality black ink is intensely opaque, and dries fast to a matte finish. Its signature bottle shape will stay grounded so you won’t have any “magical messes.” If you happen to get some on your hands, just use soap and water to wash it off. 

Caran d’Ache Black Wood Pencil

Caran d’Ache Black Wood Pencil gets its black-colored body by being infused with black ink during the manufactur- ing process. It’s finished with a matte coat so your hands stay clean with a good strong grip. This pencil is filled with HB graphite that creates a mark that’s thicker mark than the average #2 pencil. 

Cretacolor Artist Studio Line Colored Pencils

The pop of color in this month’s box is the Cretacolor Artist Studio Line Colored Pencils. Made in Austria, these colored pencils have soft, richly pigmented leads with a buttery feel to produce bold, vibrant color tones. Use these colored pencils to draw on top of other dark-ink art supplies. 

Pigma Professional Brush Pen by Sakura

Never used a brush pen before? The Pigma Professional Brush Pen by Sakura is about to change that. These pens are filled with top-rated waterproof, bleedproof, archival inks. For beginner and advanced levels, this brush pen will deliver a beautiful and expressive line every time. The Pigma Professional Brush Pen only comes in three sizes: fine brush (FB), medium brush (MB), and bold brush (BB). Which size did you get? 

Connoisseur Bamboo Watercolor Brush

Here’s a unique brush that will add some fun to your #ArtSnacksChallenge. The Connoisseur Round Bamboo Watercolor Brush has a naturally round bamboo handle that is light and easy to hold while practicing the ink-wash technique. Pair your Higgins Black Magic Ink with this brush to create a dark and edgy line.  

September 2015

Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker and White Blender

Introducing a truly remarkable new product: the Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker and White Blender. You’re one of the first to get this product – it’s not even available in stores yet. Known for their top-of-the-line paint materials, these Pigment Markers have the consistency and quality of paint, but in a marker pen body. The ink flows easily through both the chisel and fine tips, and dries much slower, for maximum ink movement.

Along with the colored marker pen, Winsor & Newton has created the world’s first White Blender. Just like painting, you can push around and mix the ink with the White Blender, diffusing and expanding the color range. The white ink of the blender also creates a beautiful stroke on black paper. Test your Pigment Markers on the marker paper included in your box. 

Caran d’Ache Swiss Wood 348 Pencil

Since 1915, Caran d’Ache has been creating innovative writing and drawing tools with elegance and Swiss-made optimal quality. The Caran d’Ache Swiss Wood 348 Pencil is filled with HB graphite and perfectly finished with a soft, matte body, – clearly displaying the natural brown color of the wood. Give this pencil a sniff, and you’ll smell the earthy-chocolatey aroma from the beech wood trees in the Swiss Jura Forest. 

MOO Eraser by Weber Co. 

The MOO Eraser by Weber Co. is here to tackle your most complex drawings and sketches. Developed in Korea, the MOO eraser can be cleaned after use by rubbing off the shaded areas on it’s body. This way, you won’t need to switch between several other clean erasers while you’re drawing. Use your super versatile MOO eraser with dry medias such as charcoal and graphite, including the Caran d’Ache Swiss Wood 348 Pencil. 

August 2015

Denik Mini Sketchbook

Denik is a cool new notebook company that connects with artists from around the world to to put their artwork on sketchbooks and journals. A portion of every product sold goes to building schools: the origin for learning, creating, and inspiring. This month, we collaborated with Denik’s team and Boston-based artist, Monique Amiee, to create a custom Denik Mini Sketchbook. 

ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen No.22

Imported from Japan, the ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen No.22 has a medium nylon brush tip that lays down thick and thin lines. Move the pen slowly across the page for solid strokes, or move the tip swiftly across the page for a more diffused line. This brush pen is great for mastering cartoon illustrations or practicing bold hand-lettering. Run out of ink? The pen-body cartridges are refillable for years to come. 

Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Ink

Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Ink is a special acrylic-based ink that’s highly pigmented for creating multiple color layers on top of your art. Dilute the ink with water to get a high-intensity watercolor effect, or use a dry brush to create a textured stroke. The ink has a high degree of lightfastness, which is great for paintings that will be permanently on display. 

Simply Simmons Paintbrush 

With an acrylic ink, you’ll need another reliable tool: the Simply Simmons Paintbrush. This brush is short in size, but has a super soft-haired tuft for controlled strokes. Their bristles come in a variety of shapes that will withstand a tangle-free cleaning after a painting session. This beautiful brush is ideal for the artist who is breaking into the world of painting. 

July 2015

Ironlak Pump Action Marker 

Originating from Australia, Ironlak is a street-style art supply brand with premium acrylic paints and aerosols for the graffiti- inspired artist. The Ironlak Pump Action Marker is one of our favorites. To start the flow of paint, gently press down on the nib of the marker a few times, and watch the paint flow. The paint is quick drying, yet water soluble, so you can push the paint further with a wet brush. 

Aristo DK2 Mechanical Pencil 

Aristo is an Austrian brand specializing in high-quality drafting supplies. United States-based ArtSnacks subscribers get to enjoy this imported pencil for the first time in America! The Aristo DK2 Mechanical Pencil is pre-filled with 0.5 mm lead and capped with a sturdy white removable eraser. Disguised as a simple mechanical pencil, this tool brings ease to drawing, sketching, and quick note-taking. 

Touch Twin Brush Marker 

The Touch Twin Brush Marker features a flexible brush nib on one end and a medium-wide chisel nib on the other, allowing you to explore a wider range of drawing techniques. The well-designed rectangular body resists rolling on your work space and has a safety cap that stacks elegantly, while preventing damage to the colored nibs. 

Marino Watercolor Pencil by Cretacolor 

Introducing the Marino Watercolor Pencil by Cretacolor. Whether you’re mixing playful line-work with water and a paint brush or practicing layered cross-hatching in your sketchbook, you’ll get brilliant color with every stroke. There are 36 colors in the Marino family–so what color did you get? 

June 2015

Faber-Castell PITT Artist Big Brush Pen 

Known for their high-quality and rich heritage, we did not think twice when selecting the Faber-Castell PITT Artist Big Brush Pen. This pen is about three times the size of the regular Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen, but has a more versatile brush tip for fine, medium, and broad strokes. Its brilliant lightfast grade gives the pigments a vibrant color forever. The pen is suited for drawing, lettering, fashion sketching, and illustrating. 

Lightfast [adjective] - Resistant to all forms of light, especially natural sunlight. Some brands of paint or pigment have a rating system to describe how fade resistant it is when exposed to light. The higher the rating, the longer your color will last under light. 

K-12 by KRINK 

Developed by an alternative street artist in San Francisco, the K-12 Paint Marker by KRINK is a refined pen-style tool from the KRINK family. This marker has a metal tip and is ideal for making fine lines and details. Give it a shake to loosen up the ink (you’ll hear a mixing bead inside the body), then press the tip to paper. To control the ink flow, gently squeeze the pen while making your mark. 

Caran d’Ache Grafik Pencils 

We’ve added a super unique HB pencil to this months box. The Caran d’Ache Grafik Pencils (pronounced karen-dash) are imported directly from Switzerland. Since 1915, this Swiss company has been creating elegant and innovative writing and drawing tools with Swiss-made optimal quality. The Grafik Pencil has a pop-art geometric pattern – adding some attitude to your next doodling session. Refresh the point of your pencil in the KUM 4 in 1 Sharpener. 

KUM 4 in 1 Sharpener 

The German designers at KUM (pronounced KOOM) have made your life so much easier with the KUM 4 in 1 Sharpener. This pencil sharpener accommodates 7, 8, 10 and 11mm pencils, and has a catch-all barrel in the middle of its body for the shavings. Both ends of the container have plastic covers to keep the shavings inside. This is the perfect little sharpener to keep in your bag or art bin. 

May 2015

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via awwdehh

Kuretake Bimoji Felt Tip Pen 

Resembling a Japanese-style ink washing brush, the Kuretake Bimoji Felt Tip Pen has deep black ink and a flexible tip, giving it unique writing and drawing qualities. Imported all the way from Japan, this pen has a sleek plastic body and a black rubber grip–important for mastering a delicate pen stroke. 

Clean Color f Marker by ZIG 

This month, we’re featuring an exclusive and new product: the Clean Color f Marker by ZIG. Just like its siblings in the ZIG marker family, it delivers a super bright line that’s great for illustrating and cartooning. There’s two different widths on this marker, a short bullet tip and a thin, fine tip. The marker is filled with a water-based dye that makes it perfect for blending with water. 

Baggu 3D Zip 

You’ve got all these art supplies but nowhere to keep them all together–until now. The Baggu 3D Zip is the perfect pouch for all of your ArtSnacks items. In fact, we were able to stuff 52 pens and pencils into its 3D body. And if your pencils start to rub in the interior lining, no sweat: the bag is machine washable. 

MONO Zero Black Rectangle Eraser by Tombow 

The MONO Zero Black Rectangle Eraser by Tombow has a sweet pen-style grip that feels great in your hand while using it. Thanks to its rectangular shape, it won’t bend or flop around while you are trying to get rid of those unwanted marks. This eraser is great for perfecting your subtractive drawing techniques. Check out the TombowUSA YouTube channel to see an example of subtractive drawing: http://bit.ly/AStombow 

Palomino Blue Graphite HB Drawing Pencil 

Simplicity at its finest. The Palomino Blue Graphite HB Drawing Pencil is made from genuine incense cedar, which allows it to withstand repeated sharpening without splintering. This petite blue pencil only comes in an HB grading (an equal hardness and blackness), and works perfectly with the Mono Zero Black Rectangle Eraser by Tombow. 

April 2015

Pentel Medium Aquash Brush 

Designed for easy transport and storage when you’re painting-on-the-go, the Pentel Medium Aquash Water Brush is one handy little brush. The brush tip is made of durable nylon so it will never lose its pointed shape. Its body is flat on 2 sides, ensuring that it won’t roll around when you put it down. Fill up the barrel with water (or ink) and give it a light squeeze to get the liquid flowing. Try this brush with the Pentalic Watercolor Pencils. 

Pentalic Watercolor Pencils 

If you want to keep the mess to a minimum with watercolors, reach for the Pentalic Watercolor Pencils. We’ve supplied you with 2 different colors to experiment with layering, blending, and texturing. Gently sketch out a few shapes with the pencils, then brush over the colored areas with the Pentel Medium Aquash Water Brush to see the beauty of dried pigment and water soluble colors. 

ZIG Millennium Fine Point Pen 

The tip is a super-fine point, but will last through every stroke. The ZIG Millennium Fine Point Pen is made with acid-free, archival-quality, pure pigment color. Your artwork will last through the next millennium. 

Chartpak AD Marker 

From highly-detailed architectural renderings to theraputic mixed media drawings, this marker means business.
The Chartpak AD Marker is a heavy-duty marker that’s great for outlining or coloring in large areas. Ever have a problem with your marker tips fraying from too much pressure or over use? The special cone shaped tip of this marker was designed to keep its shape perfectly intact. Don’t mess with this marker. 

Le Plume II Dual-Tipped Marker 

Just when you think you’ve had enough watercolor tools, we give you one more. The Le Plume II Dual-Tipped Marker is water-based and made to stay wet longer than the average marker. The Le Plume II markers are recommended for brushing on rubber stamps, and any other mix media projects. 

March 2015

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Pro Art Chamois Cloth 

Wait, what is this? The Pro Art Chamois Cloth (pronounced sham-ee) is made of a soft pliable material and is used for smudging, blending, and shading. If you’re looking for a soft, blended look, lay your cloth on top of your charcoal or pastel marks, and gently rub in a circular motion. This cloth will work well with the Pentalic Soft Pastels. To clean the chamois, just shake it out and reuse it. 

Pentalic Soft Pastels 

We love convenience, and when it comes to grabbing art supplies on the go, we reach for our Pentalic Soft Pastels. This petite four-pack of pastels is neatly packed in a small box, making it perfect for sketching on the go. Staying in one place? Grab your Pro Art Chamois Cloth and get a little messy. 

Conté Pierre Noir Sketching Pencil 

There’s a new pencil in town, and its name is Pierre Noir. Conté's Pierre Noir Sketching Pencil has the darkest lead in the Conté pencil family and creates a matte finish. Its favorite surfaces are craft paper, linen, toned paper, and your sketchbook. Try your next portrait or landscape with the Pierre Noir, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Art & Graphic Twin by Zig 

For our birthday, we wished for a unique kind of double-ended marker... then, we discovered the Art & Graphic Twin by Zig. One side of this marker has a brush-shaped rubber tip, making it super flexible on any surface. The opposite side has a thin felt tip for fine detail work. Wishes do come true! 


After all of your drawing sessions, you probably have a rainbow of colors layered in every crease of your hands. No sweat– we’ve provided you with the coolest little wet towel that will clean up the messiest of messes. The Aquatowel was developed by a former NASA engineer and is made up of mostly water–making it the perfect cleaning tool to have in your back pocket.

February 2015

via eurekuh

via eurekuh

GRUMBACHER® Finest® Watercolor Paint 

The Finest® Artists’ Watercolor Paint has rich pigments of color and is designed to ensure a fluid, even wash when mixed with a little bit of water. 

GRUMBACHER® Goldenedge® Watercolor Brush 

The round shape of the Goldenedge® brush makes it perfect for small details and delicate lines, but also for broader strokes and washes. It’s made from high-quality synthetic sable hair, and has a brass ferrule to keep the handle and brush in place. 

GENERAL’S® Sketch & Wash® Pencil 

Get the interesting and organic shapes you want with GENERAL’S® Sketch&Wash® Pencil. Practice your color washing technique by gently brushing water over your pencil lines to replicate dramatic gestural colors and shapes. When your pencil wash dries, you can easily erase any marks you don’t want. 

Kurecolor Fine & Brush for MANGA by Zig 

Fall in love with the Kurecolor Fine & Brush for MANGA by Zig. Whether it’s for Manga illustrations, Valentine’s Day cards, or quick doodles in your sketchbook, this double-sided marker gives you a very pleasing drawing experience. The brush tip end has a super soft feel when it hits the paper. The fine tip end is extremely durable and built for the finishing touches to your work. 

January 2015


One of our New Years’ resolutions for 2015 is to add more color into our lives. The Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencil is what will start this resolution on the right foot. This pencil packs a punch with its bold color, smudge-proof lead, and easily blendable pigments. Since“Polychromos” means “many colors,” we think it might be a good idea to grab the whole set online. 


Brighten up your wintery, snowy days with a vibrant Copic Sketch Marker. With two different ink nibs, you can create vivid strokes and shapes of all kinds. Two standard perks to this Copic marker: they are refillable and the nibs are interchangeable. 


Calling all cartoonists out there–we’ve got an awesome new pen for your imaginative drawings! The Marvy LePen Technical Drawing Pen is made for fine line work on finished drawings or typography experiments. The deep black ink resists bleed-through, so give it a try on your RENDR® Paper to see how high quality it is. 


Kick off the new year with fresh drawing pages at your finger tips. RENDR® Paper has a crisp white finish and 100% No Show Thru Paper. This allows you to draw on both sides of the paper without having your work bleed through the other side of the page. We recommend using your Copic Sketch Marker here, but before you use the mini paper pack, give the pages a gentle bend to flatten out. 


Drawing a straight line is hard. The 6" Stainless Steel Ruler from Excel will fix that. This nifty little ruler has 32nds, 16ths, and millimeters on the front and the decimal equivalents on back side. Bring this helpful tool with you everywhere by attaching it to your sketchbook or shirt pocket with the clip gauge. 

December 2014


This month, we’re giving you not one, not two, but six drawing pencils in a compact tin case. The Pentalic Drawing Pencil Set includes six different weights–ranging from hard to soft. Rotate your pencil as you draw a picture, and when you need to erase, use your new Faber Castell Colored Kneadable Eraser. 


Brighten up your winter with the Faber Castell Colored Kneadable Eraser. It’s perfect for correcting pencil or pastel mistakes and lightening areas in your graphite drawings. When you’re done, place the colorful eraser back in its clear protective container. 


This is a super cool paint marker with an extra fine tip for drawing accuracy. To use the Posca Paint Marker, shake the marker body a few times (you’ll hear the tiny ball inside mixing up the ink,) pump the tip of the marker to activate paint-flow through the nib, and start doodling! 


The Prismacolor Premier Illustration Marker is long-lasting, smudge-free, and odorless.
The fine and extra fine tips are great for detailed work, while the chisel and brush tips are great for creating unique shapes. Which marker tip did you get? 

November 2014


This month, we’re drawing with the Lyra Graphite Crayon (it’s a pencil in disguise). This crayon offers unique possibilities for expression creating different effects based on the pressure applied and level of hardness. Don’t go writing on the walls with these–just in the over-sized pages of your sketchbook. 


Don’t think this is just another crayon. Allow us to introduce the KRINK K-80 Permanent Paint Stick - an ArtSnacks exclusive this month. This new product from KRINK is actually a solid stick of thick paint that creates a textured line, resembling the mark/line left by a crayon. The paint stick writes on all sorts of surfaces - wet, dry, rough, or smooth. Now’s your chance to be the first to experiment! 


Looking for a color-loaded tool for your big projects this month? The Copic WIDE marker has a very broad tip, making it your tool for coloring large areas with a consistent mark. This uniquely shaped marker makes a bright and bold stroke, every time. 


The ZIG FUDEBIYORI Metallic marker has a cool name (pronounced food-day-bee-you- ee), and an even cooler color. Fall in love with the matte finish, water-base ink, and the durable, yet flexible brush tip. It comes in only 9 colors: all hues that make your artwork pop on any surface. 

October 2014


Experience colored pencils like never before. The Lyra Colorstripe pencil displays its flair by completely exposing its color in a third of the pencil. With high-quality German engineering, the colored lead is waterproof, and has a coat of lacquer that guards the lead until you use it. This product is an ArtSnacks exclusive because Lyra has stopped production! 


To go along with some of the other unique art supplies in this box, we’ve added the Cretacolor Black Chalk Pencil. This slick stick has the power to produce beautiful effects by mixing and smudging with other products and by experimenting with different paper surfaces and textures. 


Here’s a spooky looking tool. The Pentalic Woodless Charcoal Pencil is made in 3 different grades: soft, medium and hard. Hold the pencil on an angle for broad strokes or point-down for fine details. Use your fingers to rub the charcoal around on the page, and create a more soft-looking texture. 


It’s officially Ink-tober. Pro Art India Ink is super black, fast drying and is ideal for ink pens, technical pens, and brushes. Below the cap is an ink dropper capable of surgically transferring ink to page or making abstract splotches. Use your Protégé Short Handle White Nylon Brush to create a spooky scene. 


Here’s a white-as-a-ghost brush that adds some fun to your October box. The Protégé Short Handle White Nylon Brush is short in size, but has a bright white nylon brush tip and a slick descriptive handle. The brush is thick enough to carry a solid amount of ink and a paints a fine line on any surface. 

September 2014


Allow us to introduce you to your new canvas this month: Clearprint Artist Vellum. With five sheets of 100% cotton translucent white vellum, you can go wild with acrylics, inks, charcoals, and more. One technique the pros recommend: dual-sided art. Your artwork can be depicted on each side of a single sheet. Try drawing on both sides to create a cool composition. 


The Kimberly Drawing Pencil by General Pencil is a classic and timeless tool for your art bin. Known for it’s hexagonal green body and retro metal cap, the Kimberly pencil comes in a wide range of grades. This is a signature item from a long line of General Pencil products, whose legacy resonates with artists everywhere. 


Get excited for the illustrations you’ll make with the ZIG Mangaka Cartoonist Flexible Marker. This marker creates a smooth mark from start to finish. The two colors we’ve featured this September are black and sepia. Which color did you get? 


If you’re looking to control where you’re erasing, the Kum® Correc-Stick Eraser will help you do just that. To get the most out of this eraser, hold it like you would hold a pencil, then guide it through your graphite lines. You’ll quickly get use to this comfortable erasing position. 


Not really into painting? We’ve got a brand-new item (you’re one of the first to get this product!) that will help you break out of your element. The Winsor Newton Water Color Brush Marker has two different tips and mixes easily for a watercolor effect. Coat your lines with water and watch the pigments become more organic in shape. You can test this out on the watercolor paper provided. 

August 2014


What’s that rolled up piece of cloth in your box? That’s a canvas. This month, ArtSnacks presents an exclusive: The Genie Canvas Mini – the first, and only fully collapsable canvas. You can stretch it tight over a few wooden dowels, and take it apart when your painting is dry. Roll it up, send it to a friend. Like magic. 


Not use to painting? The M. Graham & Co. Artists’ Acrylic will help you get you on your feet. This paint is made to have a longer working time than other acrylics, so you can blend colors in a way that’s more like working with oil paints than with acrylics. Try it on your Genie Canvas Mini, and take all day to practice if you need. 


A brush that can work with any medium, is a versitle brush to keep handy. The Connoisseur Protégé Gold Smoke Taklon Brush is just that: ready to take on any project that involves lots of color and creativity. Dubbed a “Staff Favorite,” it’s fibers are slightly softer than a normal brush, and have a chic natural and black colored body. Get your brush dirty, then clean it off with The Masters®. 


You’ve finished your painting for the day, and it’s time to clean up. For your paint-lathered brushes, use The Masters® Brush Cleaner to wipe away the excess pigments from tip to ferrule (that metal part that holds in the brush hairs). Just like washing your own hair, The Masters® conditions the bristles of your brush to prevent future paint build up. Get rid of oils, acrylics, watercolors, with a few swishes of water, and you’re set until your next session. 

July 2014

via 7-2-6

via 7-2-6


Put your paint tubes away and take out your Higgins Pigment-Based Ink. It’s time to break out of your comfort zone. The unique Higgins bottle has a color-dropper cap that saves you from an anticipated mess. The pigments allow the ink to dry slowly to a semi-gloss sheen. Add more water to the ink on your page, and you’ll get a few more hues of color that you didn’t have before. Try your ink with the Connoisseur Round Taklon All Media Brush. 


Here’s a brush to keep handy this summer: the Connoisseur Round Taklon All Media Brush. With its flexibilty in watercolor-like paints, this brush will be the perfect mate for your Higgins Pigment-Based Ink. The round shape of the Connoisseur will help you make defined lines and intricate curves. Test your ability to keep a steady hand with this perfect tool. 


Anyone rooting for Germany in the World Cup this summer? If not, support them instead by trying out this awesome German product: the Magnesium Double-Hole Wedge Sharpener by Kum. This durable little sharpener can shape standard and large- sized pencils to perfection. You can also change the blades, so if one becomes dull, they’re easily replaceable. 


Seeing a woodless pencil can be confusing, but when you start to draw with the Cretacolor Aqua Monolith Woodless Watercolor Pencil, the confusion is cleared. This nifty water- soluble pencil wrties soft, but color easily spreads when water is dripped across it. This pencil will work with all of your color needs, no matter how big the project is. 

June 2014

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Developed by an alternative street artist in San Francisco, the K-42 Paint Marker by KRINK holds pure paint pigments and a whole lot of attitude. Known as the world’s fastest growing art supply line, KRINK has become a global brand for emphasizing your style, no matter what kind of artist you are. This marker is capable of writing on multiple types of surfaces while still providing a fine point. So, go ahead and show us your artistic skill on anything. 


On the topic of paint markers, the MOLOTOWTM ONE4ALL is also included in our June Box. The FlowmasterTM, a piece of technology inside the marker, allows the paint to be pumped through a valve so it flows out through the nib of the marker. To start the flow of paint, gently press down on the nib of the marker a few times, then watch it go! These fun markers are refillable, and the nibs are interchangeable from cheisel tip to bullet tip. 


Introducing Wolff’s Carbon Pencils, a unique combination of charcoal and graphite. They have a smooth, flowing feel; When you’re drawing your still-life composition, they can go from barely- there texture to very bold in a simple move. Our favorites include the 4B & 6B. 


Looking for a new detailing ink pen with a high quality mark? The Copic Multiliner is the pen for the job. This pen has pigment- based ink, and is great for fine art, design, comics, collage, writing and doodling. We love using this pen to make autostereogram doodles: a technique that creates an optical illusion, making objects appear as if they’re in 3-D.